[thelist] Site not available? - Update

Hassan Schroeder hassan at webtuitive.com
Sun Sep 16 18:36:43 CDT 2001

Richard Bennett wrote:

> Well it's set, but I don't know if the DNS server IP's are correct, I tried
> quite a few different ones advised on the net.

"advised on the net"?? You should have name server IPs provided by
your own ISP.

> >You also might have extra default routes.
> > On Windows 2000, multiple default routes can really be messy - not
> > recommended.
> ?? you mean not to use prefered and alternate? In Win2000 I could only enter
> 2 DNS IPs, unlike in winME/98 where I could enter many.

1) "default route" is also referred to as "default gateway", has 
   nothing to do with DNS, and yeah, you should probably only have

2) Under Win2K the initial TCP/IP properties panel shows two DNS entry
   spaces, but clicking the "Advanced" button gives you the option to
   enter as many as you like.

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