[thelist] Javascript inside of Javascript... :)

Christian Anderson ckanderson at powersurfr.com
Sun Sep 16 23:47:52 CDT 2001

Ok, I added a news feed on my website, and am having a problem getting the
on mousovers to work in there.  It is a javascript thing that is putting the
code on my page, and I am also using javascript to get the onmouseover to
work.  I have tried everything that I can think of, but its just not

I think that the " or the ; are screwing up the first javascript code that
is going into the page.  Anyone have any ideas of what I need to do?

Here is a sample of the javascript code:

document.writeln("<TR><TD bgcolor=EEEEFF><A
HREF='"+global_article[counter].url+"' >");
      document.writeln('<FONT SIZE='+headline_font_size+'
FACE="'+headline_font+'" COLOR="#'+headline_fgcolor+'"');


and the mouseover thing I want to include in there is:

onMouseover="onColor(this);" onMouseout="offColor(this);"

any ideas?

Christian Anderson
URL: http://www.photokyo.com

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