[thelist] Database documentation

phil phil at xlab.co.uk
Mon Sep 17 05:59:30 CDT 2001

>> What program did you use to generate that diagram image?
> the model was done in ERwin
> i had to cut & paste a whole bunch of screenshots to arrive at the final
> result

just my two penneth worth - I find that a print out of your database using
the 'relationships' window in MS Access is a very handy tool. Not just for
yourself to keep a track of table names, fields and relationships but also
for your client to understand a bit more about the backend and it's

It's not as descriptive as rudy's screenshot (it doesn't provide column type
information) but it's a good start.

Of course you need to have a database in Access to use this, but if it were
a mysql database you could use some mysql-odbc drivers to port the database

just a thought.


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