[thelist] Coldfusion/SQL:queries:maxrows

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Mon Sep 17 09:42:44 CDT 2001

Ya, the front page of evolt is actually using blockfactor to speed it 
up, and it helps a *ton*. It's too bad it isn't documented better, cus a 
lot of people could probably speed up their queries by using it.

It took a bit of playing around with, but I found that a blockfactor set 
to 75 worked the best for us, but thanks for the 32k reference, another 
hidden gem no doubt :)


Raymond Camden wrote:

> FYI, speaking of CF queries, are people here using BLOCKFACTOR any? It's
> a _very_ easy way to speed up query time, and, unfortunately, is not
> documented well at all.
> Basically (and anyone feel free to correct me on this), when CF performs
> a query, it only fetches one row at a time. So, a query that returns 200
> rows will result in 200 fetches. CF can be told to get more at a time by
> using BLOCKFACTOR. BLOCKFACTOR is a number between 1 and 100. The
> default is 1.
> Ok, so here is where things get interesting. Why don't you just set
> blockfactor to 100? Because CF, by default, can only get 32k of data at
> one time. So, if 100 rows > 32k, CF has to 'back down' a bit in order to
> fetch the right amount of data. What someone told me, was to simply take
> the average row size and determine how many would fit into 32k.

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