[thelist] Database/ASP Samples PLease

Sanders, Robert (IndSys, Pwr. Equip., IM) robert.sanders at indsys.ge.com
Mon Sep 17 09:44:36 CDT 2001

I would very much welcome the opportunity to review some ASP used to connect
to a database. I've been working towards this same end but to no avail. If
avyone has some code that they wouldnt mind sharing I would appreciate if
they'd forward it to me so I could attempt to figure out what I'm doing
wrong. I really just want to create a "My Reports" web page for our business
reports but need an ASP for the end users to subscribe to reports initially
and then revisit that same page and be able to unsubscribe or subsribe to
additional reports. That is, the p[age must display (via check boxes) what
reports a user has already subscribed to.

Thanks for the much needed help.

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