[thelist] ASP/SQL Question - DONE DEAL!

Steve Cook steve.cook at evitbe.com
Mon Sep 17 09:53:30 CDT 2001

Having just gone back and looked through this thread, I'd be interested to
see your final code? Getting the processing of that record set structure
down to 10 lines would be pretty interesting to me (Even though I'd have
taken the devil's path and used Data Shaping ;-).

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> And much thanks to all who helped! The final code block came 
> in at ten lines, was way cleaner than attempting a 
> 'data-shaping', and can be used with any recordset where this 
> kind of listing can be useful.
> I owe tips out the kazoo for this, as well as thanks to many. 
> Rudy, Matt, Jim, and anyone else who I may not have 
> mentioned...you rock!
> Thanks!

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