[thelist] bandwidth

Philippe Jadin philippe at 123piano.com
Mon Sep 17 10:07:20 CDT 2001

Peter wrote:
> Also, any recommendations for hosts?
> I need multiple domains, Apache with mod_rewrite (and very preferably
> ability to recompile, but htaccess override is probably enough as well),
> command line access, PHP and mysql (multiple databases), and multiple
> domain names. I'm expecting about 100.000 to 250.000 pageviews a month (I
> have about 70.000 now), pretty light pages mostly (40K-ish each, including
> images)
> I am prepared to pay about £300 a year (the previously mentioned hosts are
> about that), but less is good ofcourse!

If £300 a year is equal to $40 per month (unlimited domains), then I
highly recommend imeme.net : they are specilized in zope hosting, but
they offer apache, php and mysql too. (I didn't tested php yet but well,
it must work:-)

The system is a jailed freebsd, this mean you have a virtual root
account, this also means you can install anything you want on the server
(providing resources usage blabla...), or even recompile your own apache
I guess.

For those $40, you have 5 gb per month of bandwidth, and you pay $10 per
aditional gb per month. If my brain is working, with 5 gb, at 40kb per
page, you would have 125.000 pageviews.

If I remember well you can ask for a trial too.

Usual disclaimer : 1. I'm using it for zope hosting, and I didn't test
the php support so... 2. I'm in no way affiliated with them. 3. If you
want an alernative, try cedant.com, altough you won't have unlimited
domains for that price.


(you could probably check server speed for customers by doing it against
my site 123piano.com)

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