[thelist] ASP/SQL DONE DEAL! Follow up, by request...

J. Blanchard jay.blanchard at thermon.com
Mon Sep 17 10:08:10 CDT 2001

Matt warden created the final code as follows...

DIM pd
pd = ""
While Not product.EOF
	If pd <> (product.Fields.Item("ProductDesc").Value) Then
		pd = (product.Fields.Item("ProductDesc").Value)
		response.write (pd & "<br>")
	End If
	response.write((product.Fields.Item("ProductID").Value) & "<br>")
 The problem was that I had one too many MoveNext's and my test for equality was in the write spot, but ended in the wrong one.

Line 1. Dim the variable for equality test
Line 2. Set variable default value
Line 3. While the recordset is not at End of File
Line 4. If the variable is NOT = to the product description
Line 5. Set the variable = to product description
Line 6. Write the product description
Line 7. End test
Line 8. Write out the first product id for this product description
Line 9. Move to the next record in the set which sends you back to the if statement in line 4. If they are equal this ends the IF and then writes the next product id.
Line 10. End the while loop.



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