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Glenn Hunt ghunt at hds.ca
Mon Sep 17 12:27:34 CDT 2001

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First, to clear up the confusion, default routes and default gateways
are the same thing. MS (and others) call them gateways, they are routes
in the *NIX world. You can have multiple ones, but it's not recommended.

Second, I would say you have two big issues. The first is that your DNS
isn't giving you an address. Try using the providers (gofast.net) DNS
servers (, They should always provide a correct
and quick response because they don't have to contact any other DNS
servers to return a reply.

Second, I suspect that the ping and traceroute fail because the server
appears to be behind a firewall which is hiding ICMP traffic. Both ping
and traceroute rely on ICMP. Many firewalls block this because it can be
used in denial-of-service attacks. It is also possible the provider
simply doesn't have thing set up properly.

In Windows 2000, you can have as many DNS servers as you wish. Simply
click on the "Advanced" button in the IP config dialog, and select the
DNS tab.

One last thing you can check to try and narrow the problem is to always
use the IP number in the address bar of the browser. This takes the DNS
out of the loop (i.e. "").

Let me know if you still have trouble.

Glenn Hunt
ghunt at hds.ca

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