[thelist] Two questions:1. Pacific Bell Telephone problems, and 2. looking for a reliable ISP for a business account.

Chris Williams cwilliams at computermodules.com
Mon Sep 17 13:20:37 CDT 2001


I am having severe problems accessing the internet from my home phone and I
am using Pacific Bell. They came out to my home on 4-5 different occasions,
all have said there is a problem with the phone line on their end, and have
supposedly refered it to cable for repair, but there is never any
resolution...ie I cannot get out onto the internet from home, I cannot
access my email accounts, and I have been cut off from receiving replies to
job applications I have submitted via the internet.  I am really concerned,
as my job here is ending in the next few weeks and I have sat home for days
on end waiting for their technicians to arrive, causing a lot of lost time
here at work, thousands of dollars in medical bills which were not
authorized by my insurance company, but since they had no way to contact me
because my phone line would either give out a busy signal, go dead, or ring
without completing the circuit to my telephone, I will end up paying for
this out of my own pocket.

The problem is in their lines, and they just kiss off the call, do a test
from the office, and close the ticket.  Has anyone else had this issue, and
what did you do to resolve it?

My second question is regarding a good web hosting company.  I am looking
for a stable, reliable ISP which has decent tech support to host our web
site.  We currently use Host pro, and are looking for a second ISP for the
new site.

Thanks a bunch!

Chris Williams

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