[thelist] Design/JS question

Scot scot at vquill.com
Mon Sep 17 18:53:52 CDT 2001

The URL is question is 
http://www.eden.infohwy.com/~scot/japanese/index.html (and its 
associated pages).
There has been a critique done on this URL by some of you fine folks 
in the past.  Now, I'm trying to flush out the problems that were 
found, and I can't seem to get past 2 of them.

First let me say that the front pages for each section are using the 
same template (the new one), but the subsections are using the 
previous template. That will all change once I get these problems 

Problem one: When a scroll bar is present, it shifts the contents of 
the page ever so slightly to the left (due to the centering of the 
contents).  I realize this is a minor point, so I was hoping that 
someone might be willing to either tell me how to fix it, or tell me 
to get over it.

Problem two:  It was suggested that the navigational links at the top 
and bottom of the page have a mouseover effect.  I liked the idea 
very much.  Here comes the problem, and I'm sure many of you have had 
the same or similar problems, how do I get it to work in Netscape 4 
and IE5.x+/NS6.x/Mozilla.  The latter group is easy enough, but 
including Netscape 4 is where I run into problems.

I've tried using the position:absolute solution, but the links can't 
all be on the same line if I do that. I've had some success with the 
use of CSS on IE and NS6.x/Mozilla, but that leaves out NS4.x.  Do I 
abandon them and go with the simple solution or find some way of 
using layers inside of span tags to get it to work?  I don't mind 
putting a little effort into this site if the end result is more 
usable/presentable (plus, phase 2 is set for release upon completion 
of phase 1).


P.S.  I'll send a tip as soon I can.

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