[thelist] Javascript inside of Javascript... :)

Christian Anderson ckanderson at powersurfr.com
Mon Sep 17 19:28:43 CDT 2001


Actually that is not the problem that I am trying to solve.  The mouseover
works perfectly fine, its just a matter of getting it in there properly with
javascript.  I am pulling news feeds from moreover.com, and they use
javascript.  I fooled with it, and got it looking the way I want it, and now
the last thing is getting the <td> tags to work on the mouseover.  Its just
the javascript code screwing up when it tries to write the onmouseover

> >Yeah, moreover.com :)
> >
> >That mousover thing has to go in the <td> tag.  I guess I should have
> >mentioned that... so when I try it as <TD bgcolor=EEEEFF
> >onMouseover="onColor(this);" onMouseout="offColor(this);"> it doesnt
> >
> >Why why why?? :)
> >
> >www.photokyo.com
> >
> This came up the other day. I think the problem is going to be the
> bgcolor attribute in the <td> tag. Ditch the bgcolor attribute and use
> CSS instead, then you should be able to change it with javascript.

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