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I'm not following you here.  Is this in the relationships window, that you
can get it to show the column type information?  Exactly, how does one get
that to display?



<tip type="documenting Access databases" author="Mishka">

For more information than you may every want describing your Access
database, with your current database open, choose Tools, Analyze,
Documenter.  If your database is large, with many tables, queries, forms,
reports, etc., you may want to run the Documenter off-hours.  You can
customize much of the information that is generated too.  Makes for a good
start to documenting your work.


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| On Sep 17, phil had something to say about Re: [thelist] Database
| >[Access's relationships view is] not as descriptive as rudy's screenshot
| >(it doesn't provide column type information)
| It will if you tell it to by checking the "column types" checkbox in the
| table properties. It just hides those by default.
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