[thelist] Blocked EXECUTABLE to Department of State

newmailsweeper3 at state.gov newmailsweeper3 at state.gov
Tue Sep 18 10:41:30 CDT 2001

This is an AUTOMATED MESSAGES....Please do not relay.

The Department of State mail system has detected an incoming message entitled:

ware\Microsoft\WindoJb4 prasanacalvin 03elefantecalvin 05desktoppadroes de desenvolvimentokris lunch 2primeiro_emailcanibalcalvin 01com+ application guidelines for visual basic developmentmenumenuprimeiro_emailterrorcalvin 02com+ application guidelinesacheson.state.gov.prasana

intended for:

visabulletin at state.gov

which contains an executable attachment.

State policy currently prohibits the introduction of executable files via its e-mail system.  Your message has been deleted and the recipient(s) have also been informed of this action.

We appreciate your understanding.

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