[thelist] failure notice (& CF TIP)

Seth Bienek seth at sethbienek.com
Tue Sep 18 11:10:20 CDT 2001

This return was generated as a result of the W32.Nimda.A at mm worm being sent out today.  If you have received an email from thelist at lists.evolt.org with an unusually long subject line, do NOT open it.  It contains a self-running executable.  Most virus scanners will not detect this virus either.

Have a nice day,


<tip type="ColdFusion">

ColdFusion has an lcase function to convert a string to lower case, and a ucase function to convert a string to upper-case, but no function to convert a string to proper case (first letter caps, every other letter lowercase).

If you're running CF5, here's a UDF for converting each word in a string to proper case:

function PCase(n)
	var title = "";
	var myword = "";
	var loop = 1;
	for(loop=1; loop LTE ListLen(n, " "); loop = loop+1)
		 myword = ListGetAt(n, loop, " ");
		 	if (len(myword) is 1)
				myword = myword & " ";
     title = "#title# " & Ucase(Left(myword,1)) & trim(LCase(Right(myword, Len(myword) - 1)));
	return title;

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