[thelist] another worm?

Ryan Siegel sunyrain at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 18 13:09:14 CDT 2001

Hello all,

I was recently hit with the Win32.SirCam.137216 worm which gets a file from
you "My Documents" and appends a .pif extension so that the worm will
propogate once the user opens the file.

It does several other things... you can learn about it here:

or, if you want to keep frames, go here:
and search for "Win32.SirCam.137216"

I updated my InnoculateIT (free, btw) with the latest virus definitions
(also free) and it caught the virus and innoculated IT! ;)

I checked my system registry and it appeared to be fine (the
Win32.SirCam.137216 worm messes with it).

This worm was added to the Computer Associates definition list in August
30th so it may not be the one you are all talking about.

HTHISWOA (... In Some Way Or Another ;)
 - Ryan S.

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