[thelist] another worm?

Ron Klegman rklegman at mediaone.net
Tue Sep 18 13:33:42 CDT 2001

yes.. this is correct.. Symantec rates this at threat level 4.. here is the

From: Sophos Alert System [mailto:listmaster at sophos.com]
Sent: Tuesday, September 18, 2001 12:00 PM
To: Undisclosed recipients:
Subject: EMERGENCY ALERT: W32/Nimda virus spreading widely

EMERGENCY ALERT: W32/Nimda virus spreading widely

Sophos has received a significant number of reports
of users receiving a new, in-the-wild, virus called

Sophos has issued protection against W32/Nimda-A,
and is recommending customers update their copies
of Sophos Anti-Virus to protect against it.

W32/Nimda-A arrives as an email attachment called

To read more about W32/Nimda-A and download protection
please see:


Sophos recommends customers adopt a policy of "safe
computing" in conjunction with up-to-date anti-virus
software to reduce the threat of computer viruses.  For
more details please see:



Sophos Anti-Virus

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> Subject: [thelist] another worm?
> ok, a few of our clients were hit this morning by something that
> tries to get your browser (on windows) to download a .eml file
> which it would then launch via an .exe...
> i can't get to any virus sites, since all web traffic coming and going
> is pretty hosed right now...
> so, is there a new worm out there?  the IIS servers affected were
> *supposedly* patched against the last batch...
> anyone?
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