[thelist] bounced messages..

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Tue Sep 18 15:46:32 CDT 2001

Hi -

I know a lot of you are just now receiving emails that have 'bounced' 
back to thelist, and I'm very sorry that happened. Most of them got 
through this morning before I could put thelist into a different mode 
where all posts have to be manually approved, and they come back to 
thelist in the first place because the programs that send the messages 
are sending them to the wrong address(they should follow the 'errors-to' 
line in the email header, Errors-To: thelist-admin at lists.evolt.org)

They also got past the filters that usually hold back attachments 
because they were inline forwarded messages and hence came through as 
plain-text, thereby skipping around the filters that look for certain 
things in the header of the email.

This was an very rare set of circumstances that caused this, and again, 
I'm very sorry for those of you getting these ugly, annoying bounces, 
but asses are being worked off trying to fix the situation :)

Please feel free to email me offlist if you have any concerns or 
questions :)


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