[thelist] Pagecurl plugin for the Mac?

A. Erickson amanda at gawow.com
Tue Sep 18 16:40:50 CDT 2001

> I was wondering if anyone knew of a free or at least 
> incredibly reasonably priced pagecurl plugin for PhotoShop 6 
> Mac.  It's to illustrate printable parts of the site...

It's pretty easy to make a page curl actually. If you're at all good
with paths you can draw a triangle. Use the convert points tool to make
two sides have a nice curve to them. Give the triangle a one pixel
stroke, then fill it with a gradient. You'll have to play with the
gradient a bunch to get it to look just right but you can do it. 

You'll probably want to give the curl a shadow. You would copy and paste
the triangle to another layer underneath. Make it one color. Rotate it a
bit so you see just the point and then change the opacity.

It's easy but you'll need to play a bit... Or, you know, get a plugin
(which I've never heard of for this but it's probably out there).

- amanda

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