[thelist] failure notice (& CF TIP)

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Tue Sep 18 19:26:01 CDT 2001

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> How about:
> i) make sure you have the latest virus identity file;
> ii) run your installed scanner and disinfect your system; and
> iii) make a mental note to:
>     a) never run an executable unless you've first virus checked it;
>     b) make sure you're always bang up to date with your AV software; and
>     c) spend a bit of money on *decent* AV software.

Utterly unhelpful.  Way to go, Richard.

The answer:

1	Look for all instances of README.EXE on your local
	disks and delete them

2	Search the registry for 'macrosoft' and remove the

3	Uninstall IIS and Windows Scripting Server on your 
	desktop machine

4	Disable 'active scripting' in IE at all 4 security
	settings.  Better still, get Mozilla 0.9.4 instead
	'cos it's (believe it or not) more robust and doesn't
	suffer from the security bug which enables one
	of this worm's 6 or 7 methods of propagation.

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