[thelist] another worm?

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Tue Sep 18 19:26:17 CDT 2001

If you have IIS running on any net-accessible machine somewhere, even if you
don't care about it getting hacked, lock it down. We had a gateway machine
running IIS that we weren't too worried about. Then code red did $800 worth
of data transfer (data costs are very high in Australia - 18-25c/MB) on our
ADSL connection. Telstra (primary telco here in Australia) nicely refunded
30+% of that despite being under no obligation to do so.

Unless you have money to burn, lock down your machine. If you have money to
burn, pay someone else to secure it for you.

Microsoft released some kind of lockdown tool which is quick to download,
ultra-easy to run, and (from memory) doesn't require any rebooting of the
machine. I'm sure the URL is available somewhere on their site.


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