[thelist] failure notice (& CF TIP)

pandion pandion at gmx.net
Wed Sep 19 05:54:16 CDT 2001


>The answer:
>1       Look for all instances of README.EXE on your local
>         disks and delete them

I found by pure chance found 4 readme.exe in Eudora's Embedded folder when 
I was throwing images away. The only related email I can find is one of the 
bounced emails to thelist (the rest is probably already trashed). It seemed 
to have the program code displayed in the body.??????

Sorry if this seems stupid, but this is a new experience to me. How do I 
know if the crap executed or not? I, as said, use Eudora and my IE5 has all 
patches. My AV, eTrust EZ, didn't react to the readme.exe files.
I've scanned the disk for readme.exe and readme.eml and checked the 
registry per your instructions. Found nothing. Does that mean it never 


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