[thelist] IE 5 Mac scrollbar bug?

// kerin | airside.co.uk kerin at airside.co.uk
Wed Sep 19 06:56:15 CDT 2001

hi everybody,

I've run into what seems like a fairly obvious bug in IE5 for the 
Mac. has anybody had any experience with this, or know any 

I've got a frameset with two frames, the top one with a menu, and a 
bottom one with the content, which is all held in absolutely 
positioned layers. The menu frame is set to not scroll, and the main 
area is set to scroll auto (this is so that users on lower res. 
screens dont get the content cut off at the bottom).

On OSX, IE5.1b renders a thick white stripe where the scrollbar would 
be if it was needed. If I refresh the page, half of the layers in the 
content frame disappear. If I keep hitting refresh the results are 
slightly different, but always involve some layers missing.

On OS9, IE5 adds the scrollbar in when its not needed. if I hit 
refresh, it does one of three things:

renders a single un-needed vertical scrollbar
renders un-needed vertical and horizontal scrollbars
renders it correctly (no scrollbars)

And this is with me just repeatedly hitting refresh, without changing a thing.

If I resize the window on OS9, random parts of the page get 
reproduced in chunks where the scrollbar would be.

This page works just fine on Netscape 4 and 6 on both Mac and PC, and 
on IE 5 and 6 on PC. I'm trying to upload it just now so that it can 
be seen in action, but our net connection is up and down like a YoYo 

So, can anybody shed any light on this? Its quite worrying - if this 
frames and scrollbar bug cant be solved, then the design for a major 
project is going to have to be rethought, pretty much at the last 

Thanks in advance,


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