[thelist] learning from errors

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Wed Sep 19 09:36:22 CDT 2001

as yogi berra said, sometimes you can see a lot just by looking

to try this for yourself, make sure you refuse cookies
then visit www.eprise.com

here's what the home page has instead of an H1 --

  <TD COLSPAN=3 width="353" height="94" bgcolor="#E7DEB4">
  <A HREF="/eprise/main/2_Products/ProductRelease/00_Vision"
   ><IMG SRC="/images/home/StrategicWebA.gif"
    width=353 height=94 border=0
    Alt="Strategic Web Content Management"></A></TD>
  <TD width="187" height="94" bgcolor="#E7DEB4">
  <A HREF="/eprise/main/2_Products/ProductRelease/00_Vision"
   ><IMG SRC="/images/home/StrategicWebB.gif"
    width=187 height=94 border=0
    Alt="Strategic Web Content Management"></A></TD>

as a web developer i am immediately indisposed towards this company

but perhaps unfairly

after all, they are in the content management game and i happened to
notice a weakness in their web site

the two are not necessarily related

anyhow, to continue...

make sure you keep refusing cookies, and click on Live Web Seminar

see the book (left sidebar) they're giving away? click that link

i get this glorious CF error --

    Error resolving parameter COOKIE.DRLISTID
    The cookie value DRLISTID was not found in the current template file.
    The cause of this error is very likely one of the following things:
        The name of the cookie variable has been misspelled.
        The cookie variable has not yet been created or has timed out.
    To set default values for cookie variables you should use the CFPARAM
    tag (e.g. <CFPARAM NAME="Cookie.Color" DEFAULT="Red">)

which, as an aside, is typical of the superb quality of cold fusion error
messages, and i mean that sincerely -- they tell you in simple words
what's wrong, and even what to do about it

the error message also tells me that it was processing

which tells me that eprise is studying where its referrals are coming  from

that's not wrong, by the way

if i had a CMS business, i'd certainly track referrals too

but i'd also make sure it would work if cookies are refused, eh

i wouldn't want to get caught looking (to use the baseball analogy)


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