[thelist] failure notice (& CF TIP)

Bill Haenel bill at webmarketingworx.com
Wed Sep 19 10:28:13 CDT 2001

> > If one has that file, does it mean that the server *has* been
> infected by a
> > worm, or is it that the file is a security loophole?

If one does not have that file, or any other symptoms of the virus, except
for an AV program reporting that Admin.dll and a bunch of scripts in the
C:\Inetpub\scripts\ directory are all infected, do I have it or not?

It's kind of strange, those files are clearly infected, but my AV program
does not seem to be able to delete them. Every time I restart, they are back
again. And yet, I do not have root.exe or load.exe, or readme.exe, or any
strange lines in system.ini, or any of the other symptoms listed on
Symantec's report.

Anyone having the same issues?


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