[thelist] virus and readme.eml

Shirley Kaiser, SKDesigns skaiser1 at skdesigns.com
Wed Sep 19 13:10:32 CDT 2001

At 10:54 AM 09/19/2001, Cayley Vos wrote:
>is it true that a readme.eml file is part of this nasty ADMIN virus
>spreading around?  I saw one embedded in a webpage, occuring as a popup

Yep, exactly true, and now your computer may be spreading the virus.... 
just because you happened to visit that webpage. Although it just seems to 
be using Internet Explorer, there are other problems that I discovered 
yesterday. Read the note I just sent to thelist with the subject 
"Readme.exe,  Eudora, and Opera (was Re: [thelist] failure"

Best to run a virus scan on your computer and get rid of it immediately. 
And if you use Outlook for your email and opened that web page with 
Internet Explorer, you may be spreading the virus in addition to having it 
in your computer. Check out other notes here for how to get rid of it. 
There are links and resources already listed.


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