[thelist] Javascript or ASP?

David at softv.net David at softv.net
Wed Sep 19 14:17:56 CDT 2001

Javascript would be an good way. Why not let the client side do the
processing instead of your server? (which would be the case if you
used ASP)... Create an array of all your quotes. On page load,
randomly select an element out of the array and write it out...


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Ok a fun project this time. I've created a daily "start page" for
in my office to use as a calendar of organization events, staff
etc. (sort of a one-page intranet.) I'd like to include a quote of the
and have collected a bunch of quotes. Would I use Javascript or
else to create a random quote selector for this page? Everyone is on
or 2000, using IE 5. Thoughts/hints appreciated. Thanks! 

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