Fw: [thelist] CDONTS again - can't send mail from a subdirectory?

spinhead evolt at spinhead.com
Wed Sep 19 14:45:56 CDT 2001

Trying one more time before I give Microsoft more money for tech support . .


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Subject: [thelist] CDONTS again - can't send mail from a subdirectory?

> CDONTS on Win2K - have a 3rd party app that's basically ASP pages
> a database. I've added a bit of code to send an e-mail every time a
> page is hit (to be modified eventually to include the info just posted by
> the user.)
> Except the mail dumps into the badmail folder with this error:
> =====================================
> Unable to deliver this message because the follow error was encountered:
> "Error is processing file in pickup directory.".
> The specific error code was 0xC00402CE.
> =====================================
> I've even copied my testmail.asp page (which works right now in the root
> the web) to the subfolder, and it won't send.
> Any ideas?
> spinhead
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