[thelist] DHTML Menu under Form elements

Rory.Plaire at wahchang.com Rory.Plaire at wahchang.com
Wed Sep 19 17:38:26 CDT 2001

| the technical explanation involves the browser invoking
| the operating system to construct the widget, 
| or something like that


They are actually windows. Little ones. 8)

Here is a good exhaustion on the matter: 


Which basically says, "Sorry, Mr. Customer..."

"When you set the z-index of the DIV element to a value that is greater than
the IFRAME (such as 6), the DIV covers the IFRAME. This supports the above
statement that IFRAMEs are windowless and that they follow z-order with
respect to other windowless elements. When you set the z-index to a value
that is less than or equal to the IFRAME (such as 5), it still draws on top
of the DIV because the order of the elements takes precedence. When you set
the z-index of the DIV to 6 and leave the z-index of the SELECT element and
IFRAME at 5, the SELECT element always draws on top of the DIV because it is

The conclusions about the sincerity of Microsoft to say they are giving the
customer what they want, and actually doing just this, are left to the
reader as excersise.

<rory disposition="all this, but still happy as a developer..." alt="8)"/>

Hmm... looks like MS revamped their KB access URLS. I hope they provided
backward compatibility for all their links... 8o

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