[thelist] Virtual PC as a Windows testing environment in a Mac World

Bruce Heerssen bruce at heerssen.com
Thu Sep 20 14:48:23 CDT 2001

IMHO, emulation can never truly match the real thing. I suggest you pony 
up a little cash for a cheap pc. Perhaps the college can help with this? 
They might have a couple of old machines laying around somewhere that 
you could get on the cheap?


Michael Barrett wrote:

>I'm considering:
>1. Buying a beater of a PC to test on.
>Learn the windows environment and hardware better.
>No mysterious goobers from emulated environment.
>More expensive (I can purchase emulation software cheap with the academic
><sarcasm/>Doesn't match my décor
>2. Buying Virtual PC and adjusting my monitor gamma to compensate for colors
>Cheaper (I can purchase emulation software cheap with the academic discount)
>Takes up less desk space.
><sarcasm/>Feng Shui is undisturbed.
>Monitor color, even with gamma adjustment may not be accurate
>Might run like a slug on crutches.
>Emulation environment might introduce wacky variables into browser

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