[thelist] DSL - ISP question

Jay Turley jayt at envision.com
Thu Sep 20 14:48:30 CDT 2001

I am getting DSL through qwest so I can work from home occasionally. Qwest
recently developed a partnership with Microsoft whereby your ISP is
automatically set up to be MSN. Don't want it. So the customer support folks
assured me that you can change your ISP anytime you want, blah blah blah...

Now, not knowing a thing about DSL, I am wondering how this will work. We'll
get a DSL modem from qwest, and we'll always be connected (with a static IP
I assume), but how does the ISP fit into the picture? How is it similar
to/different from a dial-up account? (I mean other than the fact that
voice/data go over the same line and you don't have to dial up and all
that.) Any help will be *greatly* appreciated.

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