[thelist] Cold Fusion Clustering in a distributed Configuration

Glenn Hunt ghunt at hds.ca
Thu Sep 20 14:48:35 CDT 2001

>1.) We have a server with a 700 mhz processor and 256 mg or RAM. I am 
>wondering how many sessions this server can handle before crashing?

This is dependent on what other services you are handling on the
machine, and the number and size of session/application variables, how
long the session remains active, etc.

>2.) Does anyone know what port CF uses?

For what? CF doesn't really use ports for itself. It would only use
ports for DB connections, and that would depend (I believe) on what the
DB was.

>3.) How many pages per second can CF generate? (relative to the server 
>mentioned in question 1)

That depends greatly on how much CF processing is required to generate a
page. The size of queries is probably the biggest factor.

>4.) How can I manage sessions across systems in a clustered
environment? I 
>understand that using client variables is more condusive to a cluster
>environment because sessions must be maintained on a particular box
>or not load balancing is in place.

Normally this would be done with a combination of cookies and session
IDs/variables stored in a common DB. Normally session IDs are stored in
RAM. It doesn't work when clustered, because you don't know what machine
is going to serve the next page. By storing the session IDs/variables in
a common DB, you eliminate this as a factor.

Glenn Hunt
ghunt at hds.ca

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