[thelist] Virtual PC as a Windows testing environment in a Mac World

Andrew Forsberg andrew at thepander.co.nz
Thu Sep 20 16:29:17 CDT 2001

The not so great thing about Virtual PC, in my experience, is that 
it's really unstable. Perhaps the problem is in the systems I've been 
running it on: versions one and two (win 95) on a powermac 9600 256 
mb ram, & versions three and four (win nt and 2k) on a G4 400 356mb. 
I've been buying upgrades for it since version 1, and she's never ran 
stably for more than a couple of days. An actual PC is a whole lot 
less trouble.


>The great thing about Virtual PC is that it's trivial to have different
>"computers" with different OS/browser combos. Very useful for testing.

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