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With PacBell DSL, they provide hardware AND ISP services - one vendor.
Qwest/MSN, you get Qwest hardware (and if you have a hardware problem, call
them) and MSN ISP service (so if you have a software problem, suffer. Oops;
sorry. Just remembering being the third or fourth MSN customer, and it


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> I am getting DSL through qwest so I can work from home occasionally. Qwest
> recently developed a partnership with Microsoft whereby your ISP is
> automatically set up to be MSN. Don't want it. So the customer support
> assured me that you can change your ISP anytime you want, blah blah
> Now, not knowing a thing about DSL, I am wondering how this will work.
> get a DSL modem from qwest, and we'll always be connected (with a static
> I assume), but how does the ISP fit into the picture? How is it similar
> to/different from a dial-up account? (I mean other than the fact that
> voice/data go over the same line and you don't have to dial up and all
> that.) Any help will be *greatly* appreciated.
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