[thelist] e-mail validation w/ PHP

Jason Morehead jmorehead at digitalims.com
Thu Sep 20 17:26:15 CDT 2001

hey all...

i've been trying to implement a script using PHP that checks to see 
if an e-mail is actually capable getting e-mail.  i've found several 
examples (phpbuilder.com, zend.com), but have had a devil of a time 
getting them to work.  the best i've been able to accomplish is 
returning an error message, even though the account IS valid.

this is the first time i've worked with PHP's network functions 
(checkdnsrr, getmxrr, etc.) and i'm not having much luck.  are there 
any issues that i need to be aware of?  has anyone got one of these 
scripts to work successfully?  any help would be appreciated.  thanks 

digital ims - developer
(402) 437-0137

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