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John Handelaar genghis at members.evolt.org
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> i've been trying to implement a script using PHP that checks to see 
> if an e-mail is actually capable getting e-mail.  i've found several 
> examples (phpbuilder.com, zend.com), but have had a devil of a time 
> getting them to work.  the best i've been able to accomplish is 
> returning an error message, even though the account IS valid.

There's a routine in the user registration section
of Geeklog (http://geeklog.sourceforge.net) which checks
for a valid MX record for whatever's to the right of the @ -
or at least there was.  And it worked for the most part.

Because this doesn't fly on NT systems (PHP is *really*
starting to break on Win32; every point release gets worse)
I think I got it removed :-)  but an older version has
a routine which works on *nix.  You're looking for version
1.1 and a file called user.php

GPL licensed code.

John Handelaar

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