[thelist] Converting date format with PHP

Eduardo Bacchi Kienetz eduardobk at via-rs.net
Thu Sep 20 23:27:06 CDT 2001

Howdy y'all

Well, going straight to the point:  I have a date that is typed by the user 
in the format dd/mm/yyyy, that is the user's birthdate (Brazilian date 
format). So my birthday date would be 31/03/1982 . The problem is that 
MySQL saves dates in the yyyy/mm/dd format, so I need to convert the birth 
date to MySQL's format.
Does anybody have a function?

Thank you in advance,

Eduardo Bacchi Kienetz
Webmaster www.camobi.com (hobby :)
Development/Support Dept. of ICONEWEB
www.iconeweb.com.br (the company I work for)

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