[thelist] Naming Conventions

Tijs Teulings tijs.teulings at framfab.nl
Fri Sep 21 08:45:51 CDT 2001

"XHTML documents must use lower case for all HTML element and attribute
names. This difference is necessary because XML is case-sensitive e.g. <li>
and <LI> are different tags."



> I'm stumbling my way around xhtml for the first time with a bunch of
> inherited files using frames, many of which use caps 
> (JPGFrame1.html), etc.
> I'm from the old school of "keep it all lower case and under 
> 9 spaces"...Is
> the lower case naming convention for .htm files still an 
> issue?  (Please
> tell me I don't have to go through several thousand files 
> just to change
> their case.)  Most if not all of my users will be on Windows machines.
> Thanks in advance.

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