[thelist] Multiple Select??

McAtee, Malcolm MMcAtee at philamuseum.org
Fri Sep 21 10:51:04 CDT 2001

<select name="Type_of_Event[]" size="6" multiple> --

I now recieve Type of Event: Array.....
Do I need to add something to the results page? (see below)
I apologize for the simple questions, did I mention this is my first PHP

TIA Malcolm

You Have Entered the Following Information:<br>

print "Date:$Date<br>\n";
print "Company:$Company<br>\n";
print "Contact:$Contact<br>\n";
print "Address:$Address<br>\n";
print "Telephone:$Telephone<br>\n";
print "FAX:$FAX<br>\n";
print "eMail:$eMail<br>\n";
print "Date of Event:$Date_of_Event<br>\n";
print "Type of Event:$Type_of_Event<br>\n";
print "Number of Attendees:$Number_of_Attendees<br>\n";
print "Desired Location:$Desired_Location<br>\n";
print "Special Needs:$Special_Needs<br>\n";

("mmcatee at philamuseum.org", "Facilities Inquiry", 
 Date of Event:$Date_of_Event
 Type of Event:$Type_of_Event
 Number of Attendees:$Number_of_Attendees
 Desired Location:$Desired_Location
 Special Needs:$Special_Needs

Malcolm J. Mcatee
Web Designer
Philadelphia Museum of Art
mmcatee at philamuseum.org

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Subject: Re: [thelist] Multiple Select??

>> I am creating a form to be used in a simple PHP/email
>> app. Everything seems to be working well except that my multiple
>> select lists seem to pass only the first value in the list.  Please
>> see the code below:
>>        <select name="Type_of_Event" size="6" multiple>

You should use <select name="Type_of_Event[]" size="6" multiple>. Then 
the values will be stored in the array $Type_ofEvent.

/ Carl-Johan

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