[thelist] Multiple Select??

Carl-Johan Kihlbom div at newcode.se
Fri Sep 21 11:28:33 CDT 2001

> <select name="Type_of_Event[]" size="6" multiple> --
> I now recieve Type of Event: Array.....
> Do I need to add something to the results page? (see below)
> I apologize for the simple questions, did I mention this is my first PHP
> app?

> print "Type of Event:$Type_of_Event<br>\n";

This should be something like:

print "Type of Event:<br>\n";
foreach($Type_of_Event as $event)
	print "$event<br>\n";

The formatting is of course up to you, but use the foreach-loop to go 
through all the values in $Type_of_Event.

/ Carl-Johan

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