[thelist] site critique please

spinhead evolt at spinhead.com
Fri Sep 21 11:57:53 CDT 2001

No time for a deep scan, but overall I really like it. Couple comments:
1. I love all the greens. I hate the salmon pink blecch rollovers.
2. The double rollover on the navbar was disconcerting for some reason. Box
or text, but both (not simultaneous) was wierd.
3. On each page, kill the link to that page. It's superfluously redundantly

Nice logo - North, East, South - where's West? Ahhh, I get it. Almost made
me say the name out loud. Clever retention tool.


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>  Not sure if I'm feeling brave or stupid, but please feel free to
>  scrutinize this site: www.greatwesternhomes.co.uk/trial - it isn't
>  yet live, as I'm still waiting for data from the client.  But I'd
>  really like fellow Evolters opinions on the job so far...!
>  (re; the fact its framed, - my boss INSISTS its done in frames....) -
>  i've tried to re-educate but he ain't 'avin none of it! - & i know
>  really it should be up to the client, whether they have frames or
>  not, they're not very web-wise as yet... - they're at the -
>  wow-i-can-attach-that-to-an-email stage (iykwim)
>  ;o)
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