[thelist] site critique please

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Fri Sep 21 12:58:28 CDT 2001

> 3. On each page, kill the link to that page.
> It's superfluously redundantly excessive.

not to mention confusing

i.e. if you end up on a page and the nav bar shows a live
link for that page, it makes you wonder if you're really on
that page

give these links a "grayed out" look and feel

(obviously they're not actual links anymore)

this will reinforce "where you are" and that's a good thing ™

always check your sites in netscape 3 --
it runs fast, loads pages quickly, and shows you the
typical problems that visitors to your site will have
who use unconventional browsers...
granted, most site visitors will have conventional
browsers (capable of javascript, css, whatever)
but you also want your site to "work" in stripped-down
browsers, e.g. on cellphones, pda's, webtv, etc.

kristina, i really like the fixed background, those are
very hard to keep unobtrusive, yours succeeds

i'm not nuts about the blocks of text on the landlords page
(the solid green ones are too sombre) -- on the
tenants page the blocks are quite distracting, but on the
properties available page, they look great

if your client is at the wow-i-can-attach-that-to-an-email stage
then perhaps you can mention that site visitors may not be
able to bookmark individual pages because of the frames

let the client convince your boss -- if you try to do it, he or she
may simply raise the drawbridge further...

some people like the idea of a nav bar that's always visible,
and i like to counter this thinking by pointing out that if the page
is long and the nav bar scrolls up out of sight, it can be
retrieved simply by hitting the Home key on the keyboard, which
anybody who has even a modicum of computer experience
will already know (thus subtly calling into question the experience
of the person who wants the nav bar to always be visible --
of course, this strategy could backfire if you don't handle it carefully)

another thing about frames, yours as well, is that if the window isn't
maximized, the nav bar frame often gets a scrollbar (try it)
which makes the page look really klunky and amateurish

good luck


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