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hi kristina,

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: Not sure if I'm feeling brave or stupid, but please feel free to
: scrutinize this site: www.greatwesternhomes.co.uk/trial - it isn't
: yet live, as I'm still waiting for data from the client.  But I'd
: really like fellow Evolters opinions on the job so far...!
The site looks nice.

For the left frame, I think you should remove the left scrolling, and maybe
shrink the menu a bit to fit. On a 15", with ie, it barely has scrollbars,
but in nn, they are a little more apparent.

: (re; the fact its framed, - my boss INSISTS its done in frames....) -
: i've tried to re-educate but he ain't 'avin none of it! - & i know
: really it should be up to the client, whether they have frames or
: not, they're not very web-wise as yet... - they're at the -
: wow-i-can-attach-that-to-an-email stage (iykwim)
with regards to the frames, I think you should really advise your client
against it.

: kristina
:kristina at kfx-design.co.uk
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good luck,

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