assumptions regarding computer competency of those who don't use certain keys for navigation (was Re: [thelist] site critique please)

spinhead evolt at
Fri Sep 21 13:44:06 CDT 2001

Unless they're SO OLD that they still think those extra keys are for
controlling your word processor, in which case you might never think to use
them for navigation. Like, using the 'Home' button to go 'home' on a web
page. Sheesh. If you've got any other 'obvious' stuff I oughta know, rudy,
you can call me collect! (I don't know your capacity, but I sure owe you a
lot of beverage.)


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if the page
> is long and the nav bar scrolls up out of sight, it can be
> retrieved simply by hitting the Home key on the keyboard, which
> anybody who has even a modicum of computer experience
> will already know (thus subtly calling into question the experience
> of the person who wants the nav bar to always be visible --
> of course, this strategy could backfire if you don't handle it carefully)
[ . . . ]
> rudy

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