Fw: [thelist] CDONTS again - can't send mail from a subdirectory?

spinhead evolt at spinhead.com
Fri Sep 21 13:49:13 CDT 2001

Got pulled away on other things, and took another look this morning.

Apparently the SMTP service wants the sender address to be an e-mail
address, not just a text string dropped in there for testing purposes and
forgotten. [d'oh!]

Sorry for wasting anyone's CPU cycles on this. Must be the eleventy-first
time in a month I've missed something this simple. Must sleep more.

<tip type="syntax highlighing in TextPad">
When you comment out a line in VBScript using TextPad, it frequently hoses
up the syntax highlighting. A second comment generally resolves the problem.
Split comments onto an even number of lines, or add a blank commented line
to even things up.


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> Let's see the code you are using to send the mail.
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