assumptions regarding computer competency of those who don't use certain keys for navigation (was Re: [thelist] site critique please)

Rory.Plaire at Rory.Plaire at
Fri Sep 21 15:09:51 CDT 2001

| Win + M minimizes but does not put the focus on the desktop.
| Win + D minimizes and _does_ put the focus on the desktop.

My statement is complete baloney, at least on Win 2k.

Science wins again.

I decided to investigate reality for my own self. It's a sort of religious
mandate for me. 8)

Sorry, Ry. 8/

|welp, when I did Win+D, even WinAmp was gone from the desktop, and it
|is a toggle (hit it again to bring everything back), whereas Win+M is 
|the lowly, less functional 'Minimize all'

But, on the bright side, Win+M then Win+D and another Win+D does the same
thing as Win+D, Win+D. 8)

To be safe, as I no longer see the shoreline of the land of On Topic, here's
a tip:

<tip type="Really, I mean really, understanding your problem domain">

Talk to the math people.

Generally, automated systems either implement, or account for, things or
processes which are worked out in mathematics somewhere.

Find their books and delve in. There are probably ways to generalize the
problem statement or define the scope of the project which fall cleanly
within the boundaries set by the principles which the whole practice or
industry is established upon.

But, don't neglect other processes! The processing of knowledge, like the
creation or flow of documents, isn't so neat and tidy. In this case, you
have to know how people do it or create a way that people want to do it.


<rory disposition="another myth bites the dust" alt="8)"/>

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