[thelist] Site critique

nate koechley nate at vicksburgcollective.com
Fri Sep 21 15:15:30 CDT 2001

looks nice.

first suggestion: consider putting a "back to top" button at the bottom of 
the scrolling text. in addition to aiding navigation, it's a great visual 
clue to the user that they've reached the end of the text. (otherwise, 
scrolling text is sort of confusing, because you can't see how much there 
is, or where it ends for sure.)

(for the back to top script, you can use the same up-scrolling function, 
but pass in a faster speed to suit your tastes)

also, i like that you have ALT tags on the scroll buttons, but you might 
consider putting that text in the status bar, too. right now, you can just 
see the javascript calls down there...  i usually don't like messign with 
the status bar -- thinking it's better to see the link down there -- but in 
this case you don't have a visible link, so a message might be a nice touch.

other than that, it's quite nice.


At 04:07 PM 9/21/2001 -0300, you wrote:
>TIA Malcolm

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