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McAtee, Malcolm wrote:

> have at it list-folk.
> http://www.philamuseum.org/exhibitions/exhibits/eakins/launch.html

I really like it, here are some initial impressions (Mozilla 0.9.4/Win2K):

- great typography and design

- excellent cropping on the images (kept the context of it, as opposed 
to just shrinking it)

- the enlarge function works very effectively going up, but its not 
clear what should happen to reduce the image again (clicking the image 
or the year accomplish is it, but would there be some way to make it 

I thought perhaps a small black rectangle in the lower right hand side of
the full picture w/
detail -  might work but I hate to weaken the integrity of the artwork.

- in "1877", I noticed some text had a red background. Not sure why (it 
has a class correction, is this a testing thing?)

This is still working text... class correction

- perhaps the graphic name "Thomas Eakins: American Realist" could link 
back to the intro (or will it link to the main site?)

- not a big fan of the dHTML scrollbars (can't control the speed of the 
scrolling, not able to see how long the entry is, and in some cases it's 
not even clear there is more to see [maybe you can highlight the arrow 
if there is more above or below]) -- is there a reason you choose not 
use the default scrollbars?
I did originally present these w/ the default scrollbars but they were
referred to as "ugly".
It is an Art Museum so aesthetics often take precedence over functionality.

- in some cases there's references to other years (e.g., in "1888": 
"...in the summer of 1887...."), why are these not links to those entries?
Good Idea. I do in fact plan to make links to more detailed images where

- also, you might want to call the style and scripting elements 
externally to reduce the page sizes and speed-up loading times.

Another good idea -- Thanks for the input!


Craig Saila
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