[thelist] Help with javascript menu please?

Merlene Blacha merlene_blacha at sympatico.ca
Fri Sep 21 16:20:23 CDT 2001

Hi there,

I'm designing a website for a client that wants a javascript  menu. I'm one
of those cut & paste people as far as .js is concerned and I'm lost as to
what to do next. I have a menu scrip ( view at
http://madwebink.com/test/test2.shtml ) on the top of the page that opens
nice, does a nice one level drop down that I'm really happy with but the
site will require a second and possibly a third level drop down and I
haven't a clue how to add this to the menu. I tried a little bit of hacking
'n' slashing with it with no results.

Basically what will be required is:

Main menu item >
list of several options >
list of several more options >
options that will take you to the proper page.

As this is the prototype it's really only looking reliably good in IE 5.x
and up, Netscape/Mozilla are treating the CSS unpredicably but I do intend
to fix that once I get over this .js obstacle.

Any advice/help will be greatly appreciated... just keep in mind that I'm a
cut & paste person hehehe.

Merlene Blacha

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