[thelist] RE: Net connection problems

Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
Fri Sep 21 16:21:41 CDT 2001

This gets weirder. Apparently, Google is the only site I can access. I can 
ping Google, search it, but other than, NO other site comes through. I'm 
wondering if there's something wrong with my ISP (vsnl.net - try reaching 
http://Internet.vsnl.net.in) DNS servers. But if that were so, I shouldn't 
be able to access any sites from the moment my connection is made :-/

Weird. I tried an NSLookup (BTW, I'm running Win2K Pro with ZoneAlarm) and 
this is what I got.

 > nslookup www.yahoo.com
Server:  www.yahoo.akadns.net
Aliases:  www.yahoo.com

DNS request timed out.
     timeout was 2 seconds.
*** Request to www.yahoo.com timed-out

>I'm facing a problem here with my Net connection (56K modem). I dial in, 
>check my mail, etc., start browsing, but about 2-3 minutes later, Internet 
>Explorer stops loading sites. I thought it was a browser problem, but it's 
>not. The DNS lookup fails, I can't ping, and the only way to get on the 
>Net is to disconnect and try again, which again spawns the same cycle. My 
>Net connections are restricted to 2 minutes at a time. In fact, I'm 
>squeezing this mail out in my the short window that I have.


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Madhu Menon
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